Welcome to Tengku Ryo | Musical Paradigm Project

"From the perspective that, music represents one of the highest human achievements of thought and feeling, which is able to express spiritual experience, intellectual knowledge as well as the aesthetic tastes of humanity in a creative manifestation that is dynamic yet harmonious." (Tengku Ryo)

"In understanding that, music is an art of the story telling without using visuals in a way that is incomparable to any other art form, and this represents an absolute freedom of expression as well as allowing unlimited ways of interpretation." (Tengku Ryo)

Musical Paradigm Project was conceived by Tengku Ryo and his teammates with the purpose and vision of placing music in its true paradigm and essence, which is to provide a powerful, positive, and healthy influence in people’s lives.

Musical Paradigm Project aims to take music beyond genres by including multiple genres that are composed and performed toward one positive purpose and vision, which is to produce healthy, peaceful, joyous emotions in the listener.

To achieve this aim, Musical Paradigm Project has carefully selected compositions from across genres, time periods, and in honour of some of the greatest composers in the world who are known and unknown. These compositions have been chosen because they produce a significant impact on the listener across the ages.

Complementing this, Musical Paradigm Project has also created its own original compositions that are designed to produce the same positive impact. Taken together, this blend aims to provide an incomparable musical experience.

Musical Paradigm Project adapting Western Classical music as a foundation that is combined with Indonesia traditional nusantara music. The traditional Nusantara music represents the identity of Tengku Ryo and his teammates while the Western Classical music represents a deep of knowledge of  human aesthetics that has stood the test of time and has served as a medium of international communication. Therefore, the Musical Paradigm Project has both a local and global flavour that is meaningful.

In addition to the music, Tengku Ryo and the Musical Paradigm Project also places a highlight on Nusantara textiles through their costumes. The combination of these two art forms of music and fashion is a very important aspect of the Musical Paradigm Project which aims to represent theircultural identity in the most honourable way,this also serves to create a unique recognition for Indonesia on a global scale with every performance.